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Auto Glass Installation Safety

Auto Glass Replacement and Windshield Repair service is an art not easily mastered. Farmland Auto Glass is proud to provide one of the safest auto glass replacements in Illinois and Missouri. To maintain this benchmark, we strictly adhere to the following guidelines for all auto glass replacements.



Safe Auto Glass Installaiton



Windshield Replacment Preperation
Quality Auto Glass Replacements


  • We inspect the overall quality of all replacement glass.
    • Chinese windshields require an extra 5-10 minutes of cleaning to remove contaminates.
  • All glass is thoroughly cleaned
    • We always use quality glass cleaner
      • Cleaner mixed from concentrate could be mixed at the incorrect proportions rendering it less effective.
      • We also check to ensure the cleaner being used is compatible with the adhesive we plan to use.
    • All technicians follow a set procedure for cleaning the glass.
    • Only clean towels are used for cleaning - free of dirt and any debris from previous uses.
    • All our technicians use Nitrile gloves to minimize scratching.
  • All bonding surfaces are thoroughly cleaned (the pinch-weld)
    • Technicians use extra lubricants while removing your glass to further minimize damage to the area.
    • Farmland technicians practice a strict procedure for removing dirt and debris before the glass' bonding surface is exposed.
    • All bonding areas are assessed and cleaned further as needed before the glass is set.
  • Extra care is taken when Priming the glass and vehicle body
    • Primers must be shaken for at least one minute to ensure a consistent mixture.
    • We use only fresh primers as many are sensitive to moisture and will go bad within 10-14 days.
    • We verify the correct primer is being used.
      • Different primers are used for glass and other metal vehicle parts.
      • To ensure the best seal, we always use primers and adhesives from the same manufacturer.
    • Primers are always given adequate time to set prior to applying the adhesive (usually 6-10 minutes).
    • We ensure proper temperature before applying the primer as some primers cannot be used safely below 40 degrees.
  • Assess the adhesive to be used for best results for the situation
    • Quick cure
    • Non-Conductive
    • High Modulous
Things to Look for in a Quality Auto Glass Replacement


  • Protection
    • Does the technician protect himself with safety glasses and gloves? If he does not care about protecting himself, he is likely to overlook or skip detials that could compromise your safety
    • Does the technicain take steps to protect your vehicle by covering the front edge of your hood and the tops of your fenders? If not, ask what he plans to do to avoid damaging your vehicle
  • Recording of Information which should include:
    • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    • The lot numbers of the primers and adhesives used in the replacement
    • The DOT number of the replacement glass
    • The detailing of any information pretaining to your vehicle such as corrosion from a previous replacement or pre-existing damage to your vehicle
  • The date the primers being used were opened