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Preventing and Treating Windshield and
Auto Glass Corrosion

Corrosion is a cancer to your vehicle.  Corrosion is an issue when replacing a windshield or other bonded auto glass because of the potential of scratching the paint in places that are not visible after the installation is completed.  If the bonded glass area is scratched, corrosion starts in these scratches & spreads!  There are two issues to be concerned about when having your windshield replaced:

Windshield Corrosion



Corrosion under Windshield Molding

  • The Prevention of Corrosion There are two steps in preventing the corrosion of your vehicle:
    • The auto glass replacement technician must take time to minimize or even prevent scratching your vehicle in the first place
      • This requires extra time and the use of specialized tools
    • Should a scratch occur, the technician must take time to cover the scratch with a rust inhibiting primer
    • Both steps require the technician to care enough about his work to take the extra time and care to prevent corrosion and maintain the value of your vehicle
  • The treatment of corrosion from a previous auto glass replacement. This corrosion MUST be repaired. If left untreated, your new windshield will leak and will be unsafe in the event of an accident.
    • To treat this, the corrosion must be removed with a grinder until good metal is exposed.
    • Once the corrosion is gone, a metal etching primer is used followed with a primer that allows the glass urethane to bond.
    • The cost of this could be from $75 - $200!
    • In cases of extreme corrosion, the vehicle must be taken to an auto body repair shop for treatment.