Farmland Auto Glass:Quality of Service

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Before selecting an auto glass replacement shop to correct your glass problem, make sure they can answer these questions:

1. How long have you been in business & do you have a shop location?  
- There are a lot of glass shops that are literally one man working out of his garage or his truck.  These shops tend to go out of business quickly.  Also what good is a warranty if the shop is either out of business or you can’t  find them when you have a problem.

2. How many installation do your technicians do per day?
- Depending upon drive time per job, 6 installations is a pretty full day for a good technician.  When the number gets above 6, it is more likely the technician will “take shortcuts” that could compromise the safety of your family & the value of your vehicle!

3. How long does the vehicle have to sit before I can drive it?
- If you are told you can drive it "right away" or "as soon as it is done", the shop does not care about your safety. Windshield adhesives take a minimum of 10 minutes to cure before your vehicle is safe to drive.

4. Which installation system do you use?
- The flag to listen for here is not so much what system they use so much as do they even know. If they are unfamiliar with the specific system being used then you can bet the technicians do not follow any established guidelines.

5. What will the technician do to protect my vehicle during the installation?
- If they don’t know or if they say that the technician is very careful, it’s a bad sign.

6. What information will the technician record if I use your company?
- If they tell you they keep little or no information, it is a bad sign